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Nail Polish Rings

I have a newfound hobby. 

They involve flat marbles, also known as cabochons or accent gems, and a truckload of nail polish. 
Affix them onto a ring base, or a pendant frame or even clip. 

Nail Polish Jewellery

These are cabochons, real lovely stuff. 
These are for chucking into flower pots and vases. Get the clear ones so when you paint, the polish will show up on the round side. 

Use some creativity!
Explore your artistic side and just experiment with the colours! 
You will be surprised at what you can do, some of the designs are my favourite. 
I had so much fun mixing colours, and trying out what works and what doesn't. 

After that was ring base hunting, just choose the ones that you like, and affix your cabochon on to it with super glue. Wait for it to dry and tadahhh.. you will have your own nail polish ring! 

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