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Maritime Experiential Museum

It was the boyfriend's 22nd birthday so I planned a trip to the Maritime Experiential Museum. 
Regretfully, the aquarium is not ready for viewing yet, but once it's done, I SHALL BE BACK! 
Hopefully the staff promotion deal is still on when the aquarium is completed. 

Overlooking the gift shop upon entrance. Nice, love the whole exhibition style and the miniature boats hanging on the ceiling. 

There were a couple of "ports" for us to "dock" according to Zheng He's voyage. 

Saw different things at different "ports" such as pearls and crystals..

Sackfuls of chilies, garlic and beans.. 

Last stop: Malindi

Corn in Malindi

We bought tickets to view the Typhoon Theatre too.. 

Mad exciting, stepping into the Typhoon Theatre is equivalent to a rotating and rising platform with benches. The walls surrounding us are screens and there are small outlets situated on the platform to spray water at intervals. You literally travel the entire voyage with the characters in the story, including the shipwreck, the thunderstorm, and the sinking of the boat. Too awesome for words. 
It's only 10 minutes but it's definitely 10 minutes well spent. 

Exiting the Typhoon Theatre, I was met with such a magical underwater scene cast by blue lights. 

One of the best Interactive Stations in the Museum, we get to create a clay art piece and auction it. 
We made three but this is our best-seller! 

We proceeded to the Crane Show which started at 9pm.
It was awesome!!! 
The digital screens, and flexibility of the huge cranes, and the whole story is just way too cool. 

There's even water spraying out of the back to signify their wings!

The lighting is beautiful, and the water display magnificent. 

Awesome day of fun and laughter :)

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