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Audi Star Fashion

Attended the Audi Star Fashion Show some time back thanks to Ruiting for bringing me along!

That is one pretty ride. 

Tried to get seats as close to the runway as possible, the first rows are reserved for judges. 
Forever blocked by giant heads, disadvantages of being short. 

Oh yeah, 12 contestants battle it out for the grand prizeeeee. 
In case you are confused, this is a designing conpetition so the designer is back stage. The models wear their creations on the runway. I think from what I remember, it's roughly 4 to 5 pieces of clothing per designer..

Love the clothes.

Love the pretty models

Mr Red Belt looks like he's wearing the Taekwando belt lol. 

These designs are from Singapore. 

I kinda like this piece of clothing, it's pretty cool. 

This is pretty but not super special. 

This is a Singapore design too. I love the red and black concept, it totally rocks. 

The Korean designer! 
She looks damn pretty too, and her concept is rather unusual. 

I think this boxx dress is cute, love the pale blue and grey combination. 

These two photos were taken with Instagram because my camera battery is dying.

Winners with their models. 

Some drink that were given to us while we were waiting to enter the runway area. 
It was a gassy berry drink, could be better if there were no gas haha.. 

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