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The boyfriend said to celebrate my hard work during exam time, he will bring me for some dessert during the holidays. So here we are, Antoinette at Penhas Road. 

I love the interior decoration, very Parisian cafe style. 
Even the toilet is elaborately designed. 

I find that the atmosphere is pretty nice, except that it's kinda small. 

Boyfriend ordered the Strawberry Crepe to share. 
It's delightful on the first mouthful, but after that you tend to get a little tired of the repeating flavours. 

There are so many things on this plate so let me just list them out one by one.

  1. Strawberries are nicely done, sweet and a little tangy. Soft but not mushy. 
  2. Crepe was alright, nothing to write home about. Soft and pliable, it goes well with a slice of strawberry and some of the ice cream. 
  3. Waffle Crisp, hmm as for this, I find it a little too crispy so the point of tasting way too much like slightly burnt biscuit. 
  4. Whipped Cream is a big no-no for me. There is TOO MUCH whipped cream. It's served underneath every slice of the waffle crisp, and it's just too..bleahh.. 
  5. Ice Cream texture is very smooth, the flavour is tantalizing but one gets tired of it pretty fast. It's not a very lasting flavour, and I feel that a good ice cream should taste better with every mouthful. So while this ice cream gets bonus points for the unique taste, it's not something that I'll look forward to having again. 

I noticed that the savoury dishes seemed pretty good so I might be persuaded to try them out the next time round. Service is so-so only, could be better. 

In my opinion, this place is best visited with a bunch of girl friends chilling and chit chatting together on a lazy afternoon. Maybe my non-existent girl friends could ask me out some time, I'm on holidays at the moment. 

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