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(3D) Men In Black 3 Gala Premier

Thanks to LoveLivfe , I get to tag along for the


Hello Will Smith!

It's held at Vivo GV. 

We were given free popcorn!

I ate them the day after at home though haha.. 

Check out the trailer here!

The movie was pretty cool, the graphics were realistic to the point of disgusting. The worst or best part, depending on your views regarding 3D, is that once you put on the specs, everything becomes super near. It gives the illusion that its happening right BEFORE your eyes. 

The story goes that Boris The Animal is being imprisoned in a cell on the Moon, and he was put there by Agent K ( Tommy Lee Jones ).

He broke out of jail, there's a reason why the hot lady is carrying a cake visiting him. Her visit will help free Boris. By the way, scenes of Boris The Animal were particularly disgusting. 

Take a mighty good look at him. 
Not exactly a looker, is he? 
His teeth in particular were the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, it's like upside down teeth or something. When he smiles, he looks even more menacing than when he's NOT smiling. Not many people, or aliens can actually achieve that. 

The other aliens in the movie! 

So anyway, Boris The Animal broke out of his moon cell to take revenge. He intends to travel back in time to kill Agent K before his arm got shot off. Then he's going for mass destruction of the Earth. 
Diabolical indeed.  

Raiding an illegal alien food restaurant. 
That is downright revolting. There were all these alienish looking fishes that were being served in the restaurant, one even tried to gobble up Agent J (Will Smith).

Through this, they realized that Boris The Animal has escaped and in on his way back to 1960 to kill Agent K.

Agent J travels back in time to save his partner and ends up having a lesson in life. 
Might I add, Agent K looks mighty young back in the 1960s. 

So did Agent J succeed in saving his partner's life and killing Boris once and for all? 
Find out for yourself!

In Theatres 24 May

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