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Your Perceived Truth

"You never really know people, even those you love."

This has been haunting me for quite some time. The knowledge that the people you love, the ones whom you've known since forever, aren't what they seem to be. I think that must really hurt. 

Jane Austen once said:

“Nothing is more deceitful than the appearance of humility. It is often only carelessness of opinion, and sometimes an indirect boast.”

In this case, probably it is not humility that's questionable, maybe it's something else. Something that misled you to think that this person is whoever he has led you to believe. I often think that, maybe the reason why we never really know how a person is like, is because we do not open our eyes to see them for who they are.

It happens all too often, when we meet a like-minded person and we heartily call them friends. Thus onwards, we close our eyes to their shortcomings because as a friend, we accept each other for who we are. That is of course acceptable, because that is the unspoken rule of being a friend. 

But what if, we are only being accepting because we refuse to acknowledge them for who they really are?

Have we ever sat down and thought about it? Sometimes, in our haste to make friends, to blindly throw ourselves into the social circle, we neglect to ask ourselves this important question. Is your like-minded friend really who you think he is? Are you accepting him for who he really is, or are you simply embracing the idea of him, in love with the idea of such a person. 

It is human error, I suppose. 
We are often blind to what don't want to accept. 
We see only what we want to see. 
Only see the good stuff. 

When you truly open your eyes, it could be many years later. 
That is when you'll ask yourself, "how can this happen?!"

Yes, hindsight is always 20/20. 
You will then realize, the signs are always there.
You were simply blind to it back then.

Maybe it's high time we stop feeding our brains the perceived truths, and start seeing the truth instead. 

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