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Social Media Overshare #1

In this media savvy age, I believe all of us has a Facebook account that we stalk constantly. Or at least, stay on the homepage and keep clicking Refresh hoping something new will pop up. 

But on a unlucky day, you'll get some bugger who updates their status about some disgusting crap that you really don't give a damn about!

2 types of oversharers on Facebook

1. The status changer
2. The relationship status changer aka the Facebook Official decision

By far the most popular form of oversharing happens at the above mentioned spots. 

Case in point.. 

Too much information

We don't really need to know that you were undressing in front of your window and you caught a peeping tom because hey, your actions were practically inviting any upright straight man to do the same thing.

How's that for a conversation starter man. 

This idiot just plain don't get it. 
Add your boss as a friend then bitch about him?
Not a good idea. 

Rule 1: NEVER add your boss on Facebook

Rule 2: All colleagues strictly on a special group with limited viewing. You don't want your colleagues snitching on you to the boss, do you?

Rule 3: How about just keeping it generic and not such an all out in-your-face bitching comment, it's more difficult to guess as well.

Look at this. 
The person was right to comment NOT FACEBOOK APPROPRIATE. 
The worst thing about this, is that 14 others like this comment. 
What in the world is this man. 
Either they were laughing at him, or they genuinely like this. Which is a little sick if you think about it. 

The other group are the relationship status oversharers. 

Do we need to know that you broke up? Okay maybe you needed all the attention to comfort your bruised ego, or you needed your share of social media hype so you can show off to your ex that people actually care about you. 

Whichever is the reason, it's not important. 
The question that bugs me is seriously, WHY is there the need to publicize it? 
If you just broke up, won't your wounds be fresh and still bleeding? So you mean you will feel better when a ton of people pester you to ask what happen? 
That's complete bullshit man. 

Most of the time, people whom really care about you are not going to post on your damn wall to ask if you're alright, They will call you, sms you, or even visit you to see how you are. The people who post there or like the comment, they generally just wanna know the inside scoop, get some gossip. 

Why do you want to subject yourself to such gossip?

Crazy people who can't decide if they want to be single forever or attached forever. 
Trust me I HAVE seen this happen on my homepage. 
It's a series of changes starting from 



It's complicated


In a relationship


It's complicated (AGAIN)

Until I've lost track and have given up trying to figure out because honestly, I don't give a damn. 
All I hate is that you are spamming up my homepage changing the stupid status every 2 minutes. 

The a thousand likes because you got attached status. 
It's unnerving. 

Not that there is anything wrong in wanting to update your relationship status, some people thinks it's necessary to announce to the whole world that you are now no longer single hurray and invite the dozens of people who viewed this to rejoice as well.

I'm sorry but I don't really care about your relationship status as well. I am not the kind of person who goes around liking other people's relationship status change because I am not the kind of person who feels genuinely happy for all newly attached on my friends list. In fact, there are few whom I heartily and genuinely feel happy for, mainly because people nowadays do things for all the wrong reasons.

Said status above number of "likes" were accurate at time of posting. Unfortunately everyone went crazy "liking" it over a short period of time it has risen to hit 50. Almost. 
Scary or what. 

Case in point.. 

Charles Steinfield and Cliff Lampe found that “most people have an average of 10-15 intimate acquaintances, and one can recognize at most 2,000, but the figure of 150 seems to be the number where having a genuinely social relationship caps off” (Steinfield, Lampe, 2009, p.3). 

So if you have over 150 friends on Facebook, then you are letting a ton of other people (that you may not have talked to inyears) know about your relationship, and therefore might not especially care about you’re relationship or not. It seems that this recent generation has become so wrapped up in displaying intimate subjects like getting engaged, or newly dating, all over the internet for ultimately thousands of (possibly meaningless) people to see.

1. I have seen too many people who posted that and people commented "CONGRATS" and all that shit, only to see that idiot change his status back to SINGLE a month later. I think that congrats is kinda wasted huh. 

2. It's a personal thing, a relationship. Announcing it on Facebook isn't really important, and how many people congratulated you or commented or liked that status isn't important too. If you have a real and solid thing going, the announcement isn't going to make a difference. 

3. Some people just crave that attention, maybe the entire world's approval will make you feel like you have made the right choice. Rightttttt. Please grow up. 

4. If you're gonna change the damn thing, then please don't complain about people spamming it with comments or likes because in general, PEOPLE JUST LOVE TO LIKE/COMMENT STATUSES LIKE THIS.

5. Or sometimes you just love to be the subject of discussion or gossip. Fine. But essentially it's still oversharing. 

You don't need to make it Facebook Official to let the few people who care about you know that you're starting a new relationship. 

Trust me when I say, most people don't care. 
We needed you for a source of gossip and entertainment, that's all. 

This should apply to the buggers who change their status every  2 minutes because they can't decide which one suits them most. Yes these buggers exist on my friends list. 
But I'm afraid if I were to unsubscribe from them or delete them, there would be no more than prolly 20  sane people left on my friends list. 

We all know sane people are unable to provide gossip. 
Which is why I was able to provide such a lengthy rant. Oh the pure irony..

This is damn sick in a social-media-is-everything way. 

The only people who are most justified to change the status, in my humble opinion, are the married people. If you are sane and level-headed enough to enter into matrimony, then yes I think you are justified to change the status so people will stay away from your spouse. Unless of course, you are actually rather unstable and will ended up being divorced very soon. But that's a different story altogether. In general, married is a much more stable status as compared to all the rubbish options as offered by Facebook. 

Pretty much screwed up if you look at the options. You wanna announce it to the world? 
Fine, make sure it's happy news. Because by putting it as "It's an open relationship", it really makes me question your character as a person. I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of reaction you were looking for when you posted that. 

“If your relationship isn’t listed on Facebook…it doesn’t count” (Hernandez, 2008)

Relationship statuses show a level of commitment between a couple. For instance, in the article entitled, “How do you Know your Love is Real?” by Michael Hernandez, he interviewed several people and their opinions on Facebook relationship statuses.  

The majority of the people that Hernandez talked to believe that if you aren’t “Facebook official” with someone, then its not a real committed relationship. 

What the heck is that?! How is that even true!

One false-pretense that people are beginning to develop, is the fear that their significant other does not want to have their relationship status posted on Facebook. Though meaningless to the real world, this ambiguity (if left unsettled) can cause serious issues in a relationship and a woeful sense of commitment. 

One issue “includes users not listing their relationship and using Facebook to try to meet other people” (Hernandez, 2008). This means that if one person in the relationship wants to go “Facebook official” and the other person doesn’t, then that automatically gives off the impression that the person doesn’t want to fully commit to their relationship, which can be a complete misconception.

And by changing the status, yes you are sharing the happy news that yay you're attached, but on the other hand, you are also risking that fact that when your relationship falls through, you have to let the rest of people on your Facebook know as well. 

By announcing the good news, you are also inevitably hinting of a possible breakup. 
You can't expect to leave that hanging if it ends and people still thinking you're still together, are you. That would be wayyy awkward.  

For some people, there is not need to do the Facebook Official, but some people simply feel the need to do so just so they can feel more secure. Some people do it without considering the repercussions and live to regret it. Some indecisive people do it without thinking and end up irritating people like me when my homepages gets flooded. Facebook has made everything more publicized, unless you utilize the privacy settings, but even so, some people prefer to announce everything to the world. Ultimately, it makes me wonder just how much more intimate can Facebook get, when you have no choice but to be exposed to statuses and information you really don't need to know. 

Before you click on "Post", maybe you would like to take a step back and consider if your entire friends list (privacy settings aside) needs to know that piece of information you're going to divulge.

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