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Pride and Prejudice: The Movie

I enjoyed the movie alot. 
It didn't deviate from the original plot, and it brought to life the quirkiness, quickness and liveliness of the whole story. The characters were charming and real. 

What I love about classics is that they're not just plain old stories. Classics are about human nature, and human nature don't change with time. Which is why they say classics are timeless. 

I love Lizzy Bennet. 
I think that's because I can can identify myself in her in so many ways. 
A little rash, quickness to judge, does not care for many things in the world and her courage to speak what she feels. A classic character in so many different manners. 
Kiera Knightley is an awesome Lizzy Bennet. Definitely brought her character to life. 
The spark in her eyes is definitely reminiscent of the book. Perfect person to play Lizzy Bennet. 

Mr Bingley is an extraordinary character. Very gentlemanly, yet a little shy. The only thing I do not appreciate in this character is his tendency to be easily swayed by others. 
But then again, that's part of human nature. When we can't trust ourselves readily, we turn to others who might or might not influence your decisions. 

Mr Darcy is an amazing character. I now know why everyone thinks that Mr Darcy sets the standard by which men should all behave, or at least, strive to be. 

Yes, he's rich with his Pemberley estate. But most importantly, he's kind, thoughtful, faithful and a complete gentleman. There is a quiet, steady, confident aura about him that makes him stand out from the crowd. There is something unwavering about Mr Darcy that makes one feel safe and protected. 
No wonder he is being portrayed as the ideal lover in many contemporary works thereafter. 

Their love is of course, enviable and their courtship is much enjoyed by people all over the world. 
The ending scene of the movie is really cute and endearing. Enjoyed it fully. 

The Pemberley estate is of course the highlight of the movie. 
Something I've been dying to see. 

Of course it isn't real, but the place they found to depict the estate looks magnificent. 
I would loveeee to take a tour of the place. 

Heck, I would love to take a Jane Austen Book Tour if I ever visit Bath. I'm sure it would be amazing. 

Going to watch the other Austen movies soon. 
Kate Winslet is in Sense and Sensibility, and Anne Hathaway is in Becoming Jane! 
Amazing, never knew they were in any Austen films. 
Will update when I've caught them! 


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