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OPI Holland Collection

I think..I am in love..

Check out the swatches!!

I Have Herring Problem

Wooden Shoe Like To Know?

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

I Don't Give A Rotterdam!

I lurveeeee the colours!! 

But I don't understand why the Mini Dutch Treats Collection has only 4 colours. 

Okay I get the meaning of mini. 4 colours is probably alot. But I was hoping they would package a few different sets of colours. I don't like the pale shimmery pink in the Mini Collection, why can't they include the taupe and greens??! 

The new Nicki Minaj Collection boasts 6 colours, with 1 Shatter and 1 Glitter. 

The Nicki Minaj Mini Collection looks really good too, but again..

The pinks are holding me back from purchasing. 
1 mini set costs about $22
Which is around $5 for a bottle. 
Granted, it's smaller in size, but these polishes seems to be never ending no matter how much you use it  anyway. The colours look really amazing in this set too. 

I am so going to lust after everything..

And end up going back to The FaceShop to purchase my $2.90 nail polish. 
Oh yay..

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