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Lucky Me
Check out the stuff I won from Darren Bloggie 

Coin Purse

I love the floral prints! 
They're so pretty and feminine..

Won this recently, can't believe my good luck! 

Check out the inside..

It's super spacious!!
You can really stuff a whole ton of coins inside if you really wish to.

But I think I'm going to use that to store my lip balm, a small bottle of  hand lotion and my.. ahem.. medicated oil. Please don't laugh at me about the medicated oil!! 
I know you must be thinking.. MEDICATED OIL!? THAT IS SO OLD WOMAN! 

Eh who says only old woman and auntie has a need for medicated oil. 
It's my trusty 上标油 and it has saved me on a great many occasions. 
Mostly from bloatedness and the most important, lack of oxygen in the MRT stations!!
It's always so suffocating that a great many times, I almost hyperventilated. 

So yes, my lovely feminine youthful purse shall carry my trusted essentials with me everywhere I go. 
Oh yeah :)


Very pretty pouchhh! 

Hmm, I won this some time back, I think it was a few weeks before Chinese New Year.

Love the red and the polka dots. 
I have another toiletry pouch that I bought in China, also red and polka dotted! But it's red with black polka dots! Super nice man. I have a weird fetish about red and polka dotted pouches. I find them super eye-catching and the bright colours are really cheerful!

Check out the inside!

Pretty deep. 

It's great for essentials, just dump tissue, some cash, your phone and probably office key card then you're good to go for lunchhh. 

No more juggling  all the above mentioned items and worrying that you'll lose something. 
There's a detachable strap too, so you can just sling it around your wrist. 
Hassle-free :)

Attached to the zipper is this cute deer with a little bling. 

Adds a little oomphh to the pouch. Lovely. 

I am loving the two items so much!
Looks like I'm off to a good start for 2012! :)


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