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I love ZA

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy ZA's products? 
They're affordable, easy to purchase as they're available in all Watsons outlets, and best of all they have products that are specially catered for Asian skin types. 

One of my more recent discovery is the ALL NEW HYDRATION RANGE of skincare products. 

There's alot, but I'm particularly interested in the Moisturizer, Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel and the Essence Pore Care. 

Super complicated diagram to demonstrate the effects of the products, but basically just remember that this hydration series helps to replenish water to your skin and leaves you with supple hydrated skin. Most importantly, it doesn't leave your skin feeling icky, sticky or even oily! 

Just the sound of it is attracting me.

Since Watsons is having a sale, and the products are on discount 15%, I decided to get one product to try it out first. 

Essense 20g

Rather interested in this Pore Care Essence. I have huge pores which I hate, and interestingly, this clear gel product seemed to have minimized the pores a little after only 2 uses. Definitely good progress. I also like that the gel isn't oily or sticky, and it has a reallyyyyy nice scent. Kinda sweet, a little floral I guess.. 

It perks me up and keeps me in a good mood, best thing is the scent remained on my fingertips long after, and I smell the lingering sweet fragrance about me like it's a perfume. 

Moisturizing gel 50g

I find this product really interesting as well, I think it's a moisturizer. 
I am in need of a moisturizer, but up til now I haven't found one that doesn't excrete excess sebum after usage. Pretty annoying I know. But oily skin needs to be moisturized too, so when I saw this, I was really tempted to get it. But it says here gel, so I couldn't figure out what exactly is it. It hydrates, and moisturizes and doesn't leave your skin shiny or oily as well. 
But it is a moisturizer?
Hmm, probably I should ask the Watsons staff the next time I pass by. 

There is another product the Milk Moisturizer, which is well..definitely a moisturizer. But I'm afraid that it'll be too rich for my skin. So..I'm still deliberating which to get. Oh and even without the 15% discount, it's still a pretty affordable product, the above mentioned products they don't cost beyond $15 if I didn't remember wrongly. 

Another of my favourite wonder product is this!!!!

SPF20 PA++

The milti-purpose product, brightens your complexion, protects you from the sun, and acts as a makeup base as well. I know right, it's beyond awesome. It's also the winner of the Cosmo Beauty Grand Prix 2012, though I remember the editions last year featured this as a winning must-have product as well. My secret to luminous skin (HAHA!) revealed. I like that the cream is a light pinkish tone and it complements Asian skin tones very well. Didn't appear cakey or thick or unnatural.


The last miracle product that I'm going to rave about is...
4 shades SPF20 PA++ 
(Case and refill are sold separately)

It's a two-way powder, so you can apply it wet or dry. 
The wetter your sponge, the thinner your coverage. So if you need long-lasting thick coverage, apply it dry, but as with all makeup and skincare products, take care not to pile on the stuff. Apply in a downward stroke so as not to clog up your pores. 


Yes that's it with my ZA ravings. Inspiration to blog tends to strike me when I'm at my busiest, so yes.. I need to get back to my killer assignments. 


Pictures taken from ZA Official Website

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