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Herbivores VS Carnivores

Some people just don't get it. 

There is nothing wrong in being a vegetarian, and there is nothing wrong in being a meat lover. 
But the problem begins when these herbivores starts to "attack" the carnivores for their preference in food. It's quite an unbecoming sort of behaviour. 

I knew someone who was like that, and it irked me a lot that this person should feel this faux self-righteousness to condemn meat-eaters. On one occasion, we were shown a video by this person, who shall be known as H, about animal farms cruelty. Animals were reared to be killed and the images were really disgusting. H then showed us another video of vegetables being cared for and how classical music can affect their growth, thereby concluding that animals have feelings too. 

To which I felt like rebutting, that vegetables have feelings too. So what's up with the eat vegetables not meat theory. Yes the images of the animal cruelty were disgusting, the plants were well-cared for up til the point of their "death", but so what? I still felt like eating meat. Not that I am a great meat lover, but I can tell you if my diet lacks any more meat, I will promptly faint and be diagnosed with a series of deficiency illness. One can argue there are always supplements, but why should I consume supplements when there are more delicious and natural forms of the vitamins/minerals etc waiting for me in the form of meat. It doesn't make sense. 

We all have our own beliefs and principles, and I believe that we are all entitled to our own choice of diet and tastes in cuisine. As long as one does not publicly comment or condemn another's choice of food, you can jolly well eat whatever you want and I really can't be bothered to care. I have not spoken to H for ages, and I sincerely hope that H has become a better person, and stop condemning other people's diet. Continue in your rude ways, and one day you will meet your match, someone will condemn you for being a vegetarian. Maybe at that point, you will finally understand how much we have suffered when we used to dine together. 

Picture taken from 9gag Tumblr 

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