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Draw Something

Draw Something has invaded my life. 

 I wouldn't say it has taken over my life, because that's ridiculous considering the amount of homework I have to do. But it has definitely made my life more interesting. 

I love drawing. But I haven't had the time to sit down for an entire day just to sketch for a very veryyyy long time. That's sad. Draw Something has fulfilled my need to doodle a little something everyday. 

But the best part is , I have all these awesome artistic friends who has such a talent for doodling.

The avatar and bullet drawings are by the same person my awesome long-time buddy Ting
Super talented and having such friends on Draw Something lets you earn coins faster too hahahahaha! 
Just kidding, but I really enjoy watching my friends come up with these really cool drawings. 

Check out the bee! Isn't it cuteeeeee??! Simple adorable, the wings details really add the finishing touch to the whole doodle. The clown is mine hahahahaha! I would like to flatter myself a little here that my drawing is super cute too! :D

I shall.. continue my rampage in doodling during my free time. 

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