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Bucket List #12
Photos taken from Perfect Bucket List 

Been there, done that. 

Must try, it's a step out of your comfort zone and into independence. Albeit lonely and sometimes you just gotta do the tough things yourself, but when is growing up ever easy? 

Welcome to the International Students Dorm. 

We can sit here and daze, which I often do, sometimes I sit on the steps alone outside for an hour or so doing nothing, it feels good. Except when I go examine my face and realize all the dirt in the air has permanently moved into my pores. 

This is to let you know that you room has no more money which effectively means you get NO ELECTRICITY AND WATER. Very fun right hahhah!

Welcome to my room. 

Everything in ziplock and cans because there is a bad infestation of ants in my room. 

I have become a pro ant killer in my time over there. 

Notes and textbooks cramming up the shelves. 

Yes yes my table is a right old mess, I'm a slob.

Please don't question my need for so many water bottles LOL. 

I am a lazybum who HATES refilling water bottles. It's so irritating. So I buy many drinks to try, then I keep the bottles so I can refill them all at one shot and drink it over a few days. Brilliant plan I know lol. 
My trusty Fujitsu being my most trusted and important non-living companion over there is now..RIP. 
You were a good friend Fujitsu, take heart that I have actually acquired another Fujitsu to replace you. 

Hmm I realize I didn't have pictures of my bed, I think that's because it's in a worse state than my study table so it's unfit for human eyes. 

But yes my conclusion is that please experience living in a dorm, it is an exceptional and memorable experience that anyone should not miss out on. 

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