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Bucket List #10

Photos taken from Perfect Bucket List 

Malaysia is a pretty nice travelling spot. 
Loads of awesome, delicious street food that I just can't resist. 

Case in point, look below:

All these photos were taken from my recent trip to KL last year.. 

Prepare yourself for a massive drooling session!!

Lot 10 Food Street

汉记粥, best in Malaysia. 
Triple Egg Golden Porridge

汉记粥 Kheng Zai Porridge

Jalan Alor

The BEST chicken wings from Jalan Alor

Famous Malaysia Black Hokkien Noodles

Stir-fried la la, super spicy but damn shiokkkkk!

They call this dish 四大天王!
4 different types of vegetables stir-fried together. 
I should add, they taste really fresh and delicious. 



Why do we not have these in Singapore??!

Look at the awesome selection.

We had this for supper. Trust me I can make an entire meal out of these street food alone. 
There's grilled corn on the cob too. Too bad I didn't have enough stomach to try it. 

Teh Tarik

Best Dim Sum in Jalan Alor

A must-eat when you're in KL. 

Glutinous Rice

Choi Mai

Green version of Siew Mai. 
The green skin is made from vegetables. 

Chicken feet

Har Kau! My favourite dim sum dish!

Siew Mai

At some Hong Kong Cafe in Berjaya Times Square

Black pepper beef

Butter prawns

Thai food restaurant..

Green Papaya Salad

Pandan Chicken

Beef Kuay Teow Soup

This tastes heavenly!!!!
The soup base is really really good, they must have boiled it for many hours. 
The beef balls are really springy, and yummy. 
As for the kuay teow, super silky and slim kind. I like! 

At some Japanese restaurant in Farenheit 88..


Ramen. The egg looks delicious.

Ramen eggs are the bestttt! 
Love the half cooked yolks!

Hungry yet? 
I know I am, looking at these awesome photos, I'm salivating again!!!

So yes, this is why you SHOULD visit Malaysia. 
Eat til you drop! 

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