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6 Reasons to Stop Call Forwarding

The invention of the function FORWARD YOUR CALL is a relatively scary one. 
Being a victim of the above scary creation, I shall go on and explain why I abhor this function.

Hi! Is this so-and-so?

1. I am NOT your secretary or phone operator

We live in the same house, we're one big happy family.
But take note, I am NOT your secretary.
We are NOT your secretary. 
Do we look like we work in your office? 
So please stop forwarding your missed calls back home. 
I do not answer people's calls and take memos for a living. 

2. You are inconveniencing the family

Do not make us drop our things to entertain a phone call that got directed home because you were too busy to pick up your phone.  
We could be frantically eating because we're running late. 
We could be busy cooking dinner for the family. 
We could drop dead tired and be trying to take a nap. 
We could be having an uninterrupted session of reading or movie marathon. 
You get the gist. Inconveniencing the family. 

3. Giving the callers a false sense of hope

When you call a person and the ring ring tone turns to a pick up click, you automatically thinks "ahh finally he/she is picking up!" You generally think you can finally say whatever you want to say, get it done and over with. 
But when you realize the damn call got transferred back to the house, it's an awkward moment. 
Do you leave a memo, or try again. 
But what if nobody picks up again and it gets transferred back home. 
A difficult situation.

4. Urgent memo? Can't get through to you anyway.

If it's an urgent memo, and the caller left behind instructions to pass on the message. 
What happens now. 
The reason this urgent memo landed in my hands is because you didn't pick up your calls in the first place. We wouldn't have been able to pass it on to you because well..if the caller can't, what makes you think we can? We're trying to reach the same number, in case you haven't forgot. 

Tell that to the caller before they even tried to leave a memo. 

5. Giving us more room for regrets

When the phone rings, we expect it to be someone we know. 
Not someone we don't know and don't care to know. 
So, sometimes when the phone with caller ID goes a little berserk, we are unable to screen calls.
So we regret it a lot when we pick up and realize it's a call we do not want to pick up. 
Bad luck. 

6. Unnecessary explanations

I do not appreciate explaining to the bewildered caller why the call got transferred back home. Especially when it's an explanation I've done so many times, I feel like a walking advertisement for Call Transfers. 
Thanks for the ego boost.

It is a bad bad technology move that should not be created in the first place. 
Stop embracing it. 

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