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Tao Kae Noi
Winning the Tao Kae Noi Scratchcard Contest!

Oh yeah you must be thinking, omg that's so lucky! Wonder what's the prize...

So I travelled all the way down to Orchard Central to find the ulu shop..

This is the prize. 

I know. Totally anticlimax. Utterly -.- 

Best thing is the shopkeeper says he has no more carriers for me, so he expects me to HUG the frigging box on the train home. Very smart dude. He had a bigger plastic bag, but stingy him refuses to give me the carrier with an excuse it's still too small.

 HELLO??! Do you have no common sense at all??! 
Since your shop is a participating outlet in prize redemption, I would expect some basic courtesy and common sense. Seriously. You think I carry around a recycling bag everyday?! 

I stuffed that into my school bag, totally uncomfortable. 

Unwrapping it this morning, it revealed this. 
2 packets of  Spicy Smoked Chicken Flavour Seaweed. 

And this, a useless money tin can! 


The seaweed was good, but the tin can utterly useless. 
Oh welll...


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