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French manicure
Stress and denial to do work strikes, and I decided to try out the nail guides I bought. 

It's actually very tricky and difficult to attempt a French manicure by yourself. But DIY is always so fun, despite the disappointing results sometimes. 

It's 10 times more difficult than a normal paint job, things always go wrong.. Such as the nail guide tearing out my base coat -.- 
So I had to go with a layer of base coat again which is kinda..irritating. Too much air bubbles as usual. 
Been working on it in the middle of the night while watching a gory movie. Bad idea. 

Shall attempt something different soon. Hmm..

It looks pretty awesome from far hahahahah. 

Despite the difficulties, I kinda like the clean look. Maybe I'll practice more til I can perfect it freehand HAHA... That might happen, probably next year lol...

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