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Point of Entry

They are Team Epsilon - an elite team within the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. 

WHY I love this series? 


Number 5

Awesome cast. 

Look at this group of people! How can you not like them!? 
Positively dynamic, the team effort and collaboration, they create sparks when they come together. Their on-screen personas are attractive, engaging and very lively. Most importantly, they're very real. You can connect to them on a emotional level. 

Number 4

Intriguing plot. 

Fantastic storyline, drawn from real life cases. It's exciting, full of suspense and occasionally injected with dark humour. Every episode leaves you hanging and craving for more more more!!

Number 3

I secretly love Pamelyn Chee. 

HAHA! She's one kick-ass ICA officer. 
I'm sorry Jade Seah you can't hold a candle to her. There's a certain spark to Pamelyn Chee that you just don't have. Not that you're no good. But she's better. She can be so alluring at times without trying too hard, and there wasn't any need for her to shed any clothes to be able to flaunt her figure. Not that it's your fault too hahaha, the scriptwriter specifically wants you to do that in the show. But yes, you're pretty good. But Pamelyn Chee beats you hands down. 

Number 2

Hot villian.

Jourdan Lee is one smoking hot bad guy. 
Seriously, I have no idea where they find all these awesome people to film this drama. Half the cast were new people whom I've never seen before. The Thai boxing and swimming scenes were absolutely..riveting. HAHAHAHA! 
You get the gist. 

And my top reason why I love this drama series?

Number 1 

I am secretly in love with Carl Ng. 

Not a secret anymore. But he's my weekly eye candy. 
Love the brooding, stubborn, sometimes cranky,  masochistic on-screen persona. Paired with that pair of killer to-die-for-eyes, I guarantee that if you're a girl, you're a goner. 

Why so hot why why why!? 

Because I'm a stalker, I wikipedia-ed him. LOL.
Of British and Hong Kong parentage, his father is none other than Richard Ng who is famous for his comedic roles. His mother was once Bruce Lee's hairstylist. Exciting much haha.. 
Oh and yes, he's a model in Hong Kong. 

That should be able to explain his extreme hotness. 

I think that's enough late night rumbling. 
Adios, for now. 


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