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It's the season of indulgence again. 
An excess of fun, laughter and food. 

Number 1 on the Calories Chart: PINEAPPLE TARTS.

This year's pineapple tarts are really fantastic. Melt in your mouth buttery goodness with tangy pineapple paste. Love the little strands of fibre. More fun!

Seaweed! These are fattening, but at least there's no hint of salt. Rather addictive. 
The crunch is quite shiok haha.. 

My number 1 vice every year: Arrowhead Chips

These are fabulous arrowhead chips!!! Couldn't ask for more. They don't taste like they're dripping in oil, mildly salty and very very crunchy. Damn good. Non-stop munching. 

Number 2 favourite and all-time vice as well: Prawn Rolls or more affectionally known as the Hae Bi Hiam Rolls. 

Woo-hoo snacks. Spicy, fragrant, crunchy, yummy. 
They are the reason behind every sore throat I have annually. I believe this tops the Calories Chart too.
 How? Utterly addictive. 

Eat first. 
Worry later. :)


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"The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating it." Hi! My name is Sarahh and I love to eat. Hop on to my blog for an exciting journey with me.



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