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Review: Lucido-L

Many thanks to Nuffnang for the opportunity to try out the NEW

The Hair Make Supplement comes in TWO different colours - PINK and ORANGE

PINK: Straight Hair
ORANGE: Permed Hair

The pink bottle is for silky straight and smooth hair! 
It retains water in hair, so hair will remain hydrated throughout the day and look healthy!

The orange bottle is for permed hair, so girls who want their perms to remain bouncy and soft all day. 

The ingredient in the supplement that helps retain water is called CMC - Cell Membrane Complex. 

To make it simpler, imagine CMC to be our water pipes. They're responsible for bringing us our water supply. If your water pipes break down, you have no water supply. Thus this CMC is our Hair Water Pipes. When it's damaged, our hair becomes dehydrated because hey, there's no water coming through! 

Easy to understand right! 

Use it on towel-dried hair, apply on the hair ends. 

I don't have permed hair, but I do have rebonded hair. Pink will suit my needs! Especially now when the rebonding is starting to wear off, frizzy like don't know what. =..=


1. Small bottle, convenient for travel 
2. Squirt style! No more digging in tubs! 
3. Hydrating
4. Smells good! Fruity floral scent
5. Plastic bottle! No worries of breaking it. 


1. Slightly too oily
2. Hydrating purposes not as good as the L'Oreal Lumi-Oil Smoothing Oil Essence

It's not fabulous, but it's good enough. I won't use it in my everyday hair care routine, because I have an oily scalp and I find the formula much too oily for my liking. However, because it's small and handy, and it comes in a plastic squirt bottle, I'll definitely bring it overseas, when the air-con will be too dry for my hair. 

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