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Hédiard Cafe

It's a rainy rainy dreary day but I'm going out!!
Gonna wear these lovely colours today :)

Quite some time back, I randomly entered in some Ikea catalogue contest and I won....

A  Sweet Temptations UniGift Certificate for Two!!!

I think that signifies a change of luck. 
From then on I've randomly and actively participated in big and small contests, just to test my luck heehee..
I'm glad to know Lady Luck still favors me from time to time, and winning something does wonders to perk me up too! :)

It was a really good deal, the UniGift Certificate comes with a booklet of participating retailers, so I get to pick where and what I wanna use the voucher for. 

I picked Hédiard Cafe and Restaurant because they offered the most out of the menu! HAHAHA! 

We were entitled to a plate with a patisserie from the set menu dessert selection accompanied with a fruit jelly, a chocolate truffle and a Turkish delight, and a cup of coffee or tea per person. 

You tell me! 
Good deal or not?!

I love the place!
It's quaint, quiet and really cosy.


Hédiard Blend Tea

I have the entire pot to enjoy!

I love their tea. 
When the waitress brought the tea bags over, I was literally bubbling with excitement. 
The aroma was divine. 
I wanted to grab the entire bag and stuff it under my pillow to help me sleep better, that is how fantastic their tea is. Their tea came with a small cube of fruit jelly too..yumm..

The darker flatter piece of sugared confectionery is the fruit jelly. 
So sweet it'll give you a toothache, I love it!
The texture is chewy, like sugared gummy candies.

The bigger cube of rose pink is the Turkish delight. 
The texture is also chewy, but less sticky as compared to the fruit jelly. 

The chocolate truffle is an almond coated with chocolate and cocoa powder. 
Slightly bitter to balance out all the sugary sweetness of the fruit jelly and Turkish delight.

Bourbon Vanilla Mille-Feuille

This is THE bomb. 

It is one of those food which sends you into an upward spiral of ecstasy and you will never ever believe any other cafe can make a mille-feuille as good as Hédiard's. 

The powdered sugar icing, the crisp pastry, the thick and aromatic cream that fills your mouth..

I think this qualifies as a food orgasm. 
Totally unrivaled. 

Moelleux Chocolate with Vanilla Anglaise 

This is sure to send all chocolate loves straight to Chocolate Haven. 
Warm chocolate cake with thick warm chocolate oozing out..
Paired with the Vanilla Anglaise, I think you would have thought you died and went to Chocolate Heaven. 

It was an awesome dessert dinner hahaha, best of all it's FREE!
We were so full after the dessert we decide to skip dinner altogether. 
It's a really nice place for an afternoon of escape, just really nice soft music and a pot of warm tea.. 
Happy happy :)

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