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Fiction Fetish

Fictional guys are just..so hot you know..

They possess all the qualities you seek in a partner, have a killer bod and boyish charm. They can be anything you want, a perfect gentlemen, a roguish pirate, a smokin' hot assassin, a bad boy vampire with smouldering eyes, a kickass secret government agent...the possibilities are endless!

If in the case you happen to reach for a book with a less than desirable male lead. Well..next time just go for a different book! Unlike in real life, you can really just dump em' if they're not to your liking.

Really...great men through the times..

Look at Mr Darcy..he can be an a-hole but somehow, women have twisted minds. His a-hole-ness is kinda sexy at times..

The only drawback is you start to develop unrealistic expectations of real men in real life, and you lament why oh why do they not behave or look like your fictional hero..

Well... It's hard to live up to the expectations of a guy who only lives in a book and in your head.
But..in the meantime, I guess I can just continue enjoying my fictional men.. ;)

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