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Highly Coveted Awesome Things

Instax camera! Have been saving up since a gazillion years ago and I still haven't bought it yet. Yes, what's wrong with me you ask. I have no idea. 

Doraemon film. Cute right! 

The entire DKNY apple series of perfume reminds me of lovely windy summer days. of frolicking in the sun, of picnics and of carefree days. How nice is that!

A wallet. 
This is a lousy example photo, but yes, I need one because my current one is dropping my money all over the place!! BOOO! 

Yummy body scrub! Heehee.. Body shop items always smell soooooo nice but they're forever so expensive. =/ Which is where the patience comes in, waiting for promotions and discounts!

Steamcream! The best lotion I've ever tried. Super moisturizing and non-greasy. Miracle cure for my dry skin. The elements are killing my skin, eurghh.. 

Olympus EP3!

That or a Canon G12. Its a close fight. I'm still deliberating. HAHA!

Yes I suppose that ends this post, unless I remember something all of a sudden... ;)


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