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It was my brother's birthday. 
You and I both know birthdays and family gatherings are just another excuse to pig out and eat your heart out.
Pig-out session settled at Watami @ Clarke Quay.
Love the outlet there, private enough booth, lotsa space and you can alternatively people watch or ogle at the idiots doing the fake bungee jump outside. 

We ordered the Special Set for 4, super value for money and we were absolutely stuffed. But it's happy stuffed. Hee :)

Sashimi Moriawase
I didn't have any of these, because I'm a coward who doesn't dare to eat sashimi. 

Watami Salad
I like their salad! The prawns are soooooo fresh. Everything tastes so refreshing!

This is the very awesome sesame dressing for the salad, it's mad refreshing and yummy! :D

Agedashi Tofu

One of my favourite Jap dishes! I love the crispy external layer and the silky soft tofu inside, paired with the awesome shoyu and all the spring onions. It's like heaven on earth. 


Okay I shall admit it, I've never eaten such fancy sushi before. Always have opted for the more boring ones since it's a cheaper alternative. This is really extravagant sushi and I LOVE IT. 

What not to love about it?! The prawns are FRESH, the mayo is not too greasy on the palatte, the salmon roe adds a nice bite and the sushi rice is very Q.  


I like this! A very nice surprise concoction of pork, cheese, cabbage and eggs topped with this okonomiyaki-like sauce. But it's definitely NOT a okonomiyaki! It's yummy! :D

Kushi Moriawase

Other than the beef rolls with veggie, I really don't think much of the rest of the skewers. 


This is my fatal attraction. Need not elaborate right hahaha! I LOVE SUKIYAKI. The soup base is always very awesome and it really warms you up from within. You get a very very blissful and happy feeling from drinking the soup, and the feeling sort of just settles at the pit of your stomach and leaves you with a feeling of pure contentment.

Seafood and Egg Stonepot Rice

 This is pretty good, nothing very wow but not too bad either. Stonepot rice are always a very good form of comfort food as well. 

Matcha Tiramisu

I enjoyed this! The matcha powder at the top was slightly bitter which kinda balanced out the mellow sweet tiramisu. Creamy and not too sweet, very niceeeee. :)

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