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Fright Night Preview
Attended the Fright Night Movie Preview at Cathay on Monday.
All thanks to Nuffnang :)

It was fantastic and horrifying and humorous and thrilling!

Meet the new neighbour Jerry - Colin Farrell who happens to be a 400 year old killing machine. I know, he has this darkly erotic charm going, even though he's streaked with dirt all over he somehow still exudes that deadly charm like how predators charm their prey in.

Meet Peter Vincent, resident vampire style magician who claims everything is just a hoax LOL. This look reminds me of Criss Angel but Criss Angel is hotter. This is like..a gay version. 

So the story begins that many of Charley (left) and Ed's (right) classmates are mysteriously disappearing. Ed has this theory that it's a vampire who's eating up their friends. He convinces Charlie to go find out. 

Charley is skeptical about it and they ended up going home in a huff and guess whatttt..

Ed ran into Jerry.  At night. Lovely scene as you can see from the look of horror on Ed's face.
Somehow, Jerry turned on his charm on Ed and lo and behold, before you can say GOTCHA!, Ed's a goner. 

Charley kinda regrets not believing Ed because now Ed has gone missing. He went over to his place and got some of the information and is now thoroughly convinced that his hot new neighbour is chomping on his friends.  His girlfriend Amy wants to get intimate with him but he's obsessed with the fact that Jerry has someone over and that he has attempted to get himself invited into Charley's place. 

This is just downright creepy! This is the girl Jerry invited over, and he is feasting on her. But the way he's cradling her it's like she's his lover, which makes it all the more sick. 

Charley sought the help of Peter Vincent hahahahaha he's a super big idiot, whom I suspect is an exhibitionist. The stuff he wears are sooooooo.. I mean, come on leather pants? Silk bathrooms that open all the way save for a small modest area covering what's important? I think the above picture is the silk bathroom I mentioned.

While they plot, Jerry continues to be a monster and it seems this monster enjoys eating apples. 

Eating apples and crunching more classmates, popping them like popcorn man..

The lure is too huge to resist, Jerry definitely wants to get at Charley's family. When they refused to let him in, he did something atrocious. Look at their faces!! Believe me, I was shocked too. 

Make a guess what happened to their house. It's no longer a house. He doesn't need to get invited in now. Can you hear me go UH OH..

They drove out and the chase continued. 

Dear Charley, someone ought to tell you that you can't hold off a 400 year old vampire with a measley cross. You could at least have dipped it in holy water, or better, have your Mum and Amy DRINK the holy water. I expect if Jerry attempted to bite them at least he'll get a huge dose of holy water to weaken his immune system temporarily. If vampires even have immune systems. I suppose they have, since they do have immense healing powers. 

See Charley, I told you that cross is not gonna hold him off. Look what you've gotten yourself into now. 

Can I emphasize Jerry's face is simply too horrific? The part where he half transformed into his non-human form was the worst. With all that blood dripping off his mouth and that mocking smile of his, he looks like a deranged vampire. 

In the end they fought him off. Leather wearing and eyeliner racoon style Peter Vincent the gay shit joined in.  

Amy thought silver bullets would help LOL. Girl you need a lesson in mythology, silver bullets are for WEREWOLVES. You need a WOODEN STAKE in the heart for a vampire. 


The ending will be left as a surprise for all of you. Go and watch the movie to find out what happened to Jerry, Charley and Amy. 

It's in cinemas now. :)

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