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Super Duper Moisturizer from Japan!


Look at all the colorrful and pretty tins! Makes a girl screams in delight and just wanna grab them ALL home for yourself! Don't even try to kid yourself, you know you want it! haha!

Steamcream is a very very good moisturizer that's made in Japan, it's very suited to dry skin as it's ultra hydrating. Skin that's exposed to all your daily harmful elements are suited too! All that air-con is gonna wreck havoc on your skin!!! Even though it's very moisturizing, it's not oily at all. The minute it touches your skin, it breaks down and gets absorbed immediately. Suitable for face, hand and even body, you can say goodbye to dry and itchy skin for good!

Steamcream is packages in a Japanese designed, flushed-lid aluminium tin. Once it's sold out, each eye-catching piece becomes a LIMITED EDITION collectible and also a usable piece of art. You can recycle the tins for an exciting afterlife haha! How cool is that?!

I can hear you skeptics saying.. are you sure it's THAT good??! Let's take a look at their ingredients then you can judge for yourself if it's worth it. 



Almond oil is made from crushed almonds for Steamcream because it contains proteins, minerals and Vitamin E - highly nutritious for your delicate skin!


It is the main ingredient in Steamcream. Oats are famous for their moisturizing and soothing effects, especially for dry skin. When oats are steeped in water to form an infusion, they release a soothing milk, rich in minerals and Vitamin E! Which is why oats have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years as a form of natural skincare ingredient!


Orange flower water is made from the essential oil of the orange tree's white flowers. It is said to be able to improve skin's elasticity so it's a miracle cure for dry and mature skin types.


We all know lavender is known for its's soothing and calming properties, hence it's being added into the blend of Steamcream ingredients. It has antiseptic components and can help to sooth dry or sore skin. 


This is cold-pressed organic jojoba oil. We all know jojoba oil is SUPER HYDRATING and MOISTURIZING, so it's only fitting that it's being used in Steamcream! Jojoba oil is a very light vegetable oil, and along with the almond oil, they make a very light and non-greasy cream that is easily absorbed by our skin. 

All the ingredients in Steamcream are combined together then they are....


Hence the name STEAMCREAM! :) HAHAHA!
The steam process blends all the natural and traceable vegan ingredients for a deeper reaching all-in-one cream. As it's au naturel, Steamcream breaks down immediately once it comes into contact with the skin, which is why it's so moisturizing!

I bought a tin for Mum! 
Had a tough time choosing the designs! They're all so cute and classy and pretty!

It's a pale ivory white colour cream, very light and non-greasy. 
The best thing is it's really really good! Highly moisturizing and hydrating. Mum used it on her legs which are super dry and patchy and there're flaky skin too. Eucks! 

But the next day, her legs were ULTRA SMOOTH. The flakes are gone, the patchy patches are gone, the dry skin is gone! MIRACLE CURE! 

I think I might go get a tin for myself as well, it's by far the best moisturizer I've ever seen. None of the moisturizers have ever worked on my legs too. The awesome tins are a bonus. *winks*

They retail at SGD 25.90 and are exclusively available at: 


Promotion NOW!

Purchase 2 tins of Steamcream and get a REUSABLE GIFT BAG FOC. 

What are you waiting for?! 
Go get it NOW! :)

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