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Starring Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman, Scoop is a comedy mystery thriller film and was released in 2006. An American journalism student Sondra Pransky - Scarlett Johansson scoops a big story while holidaying  in London, and begins an affair with an aristocrat Peter Lyman - Hugh Jackman as the incident unfurls.

Watch the trailer! I love the soundtrack, it's sort of comedic yet it creates a kind of mysterious mood. 

In the funeral of the famous British journalist Joe Strombel, his colleagues and friends recall how obstinate he was while seeking for a scoop. Meanwhile the deceased Joe discloses the identity of the tarot card serial killer of London. He cheats the Reaper and appears to American student of journalism Sondra Pransky - Scarlett Johansson, who is on the stage in the middle of a magic show of the magician Sidney Waterman - Woody Allen in London, and tells her that the murderer is the aristocrat Peter Lyman - Hugh Jackman. 

Sondra drags Sid in her investigation, seeking for evidences that Peter 
is the killer. They got into the exclusive upper-class club that Peter Lyman frequents and plots a way to get to know him.

Sid Waterman: You're a pretty girl. You know, I think you could probably get this guy to get interested in you.                                                                                                                                                          Sondra Pransky: Oh, you're silly...
Sid Waterman: Yeah, particularly if he's got a twisted mind. 

They decide that she'll pretend to have a cramp in her legs and drown HAHAHAHA! Stupidest idea I've ever heard, but seeing as there isn't a life guard and Peter is the only person in the pool, it'll be heartless if he left her to drown.

Look at the conversation below, you're so gonna double up over in laughter!

Sondra Pransky: Look, I can't just go up to him and say, "Hi, how are you?" I mean, it would make him suspicious. So, you know - anything - he gets... put off or... 
Sid Waterman: Drown! 
Sondra Pransky: What? 
Sid Waterman: Drown! Drown! I'll go get co-, I'll go get co... 
Sondra Pransky: [shakes her head] Ach...
Sid Waterman: Listen to me! I'll go get coffee, you get a cramp. Go into the water, flounder around, you know... 
Sondra Pransky: [sighs] Ahh... 
Sid Waterman: Yes! Go ahead, sweetheart. That's, that's a great idea. He'll be obliged to save you that way and if he doesn't, you know, then I'll notify your parents. 

He is of course smitten with her at first sight. Which hot-blooded male wouldnt?! The fact that her makeup is waterproof is an added bonus.

He invites her to his place for a garden party... 
Drowning quite a success then!

Sid got introduced as Sondra's father here LOL. 

Sondra goes off with Peter to chit-chat and get a feel of his character. 

While Sid couldn't resist and had to show off his tricks at the party, claiming it's a hobby of his. 

There are quite a few memorable and hilarious quotes here and there. Sid was striking up a conversation with one of the guests and asked her what's her persuasion, which generally meant religion. He reciprocrated with a "I was born into the Hebrew persuasion, but when I got older I converted to narcissism". LOL. 

Peter Lyman: I just can't get the vision of you in your swimsuit out of my head. 
Sondra Pransky: Oh I'm glad you liked it! It was marked down! 

However, she falls in love with him and questions if Joe Strombel is right in his scoop.

Checking the papers to see if they've caught the real murderer..

The tarot card killer was caught. Peter Lyman wasn't the culprit. But he's still suspicious! Something is definitely fishy. But whattt??

He definitely lied about going away for a business trip but he appeared on the very street a prostitute got killed. It got blamed together with the tarot card killer cases. 

Sondra wasn't convinced.

Sondra Pransky: Why would Peter kill a prostitute
Sid Waterman: Because it looks bad on his resume! 


In the end, Peter Lyman tried to kill her because Sid has found out too much about the murder, too much is at stake - his image, his family, his social status. Sid was RIGHT on the spot, Peter was too involved with the prostitute he murdered, and when the chick started to blackmail him, he couldn't take it anymore. He killed her, and made it seem like it's another one of the tarot card killer's murders. Then he pushed Sondra off the boat to make it seem like a boating accident.
He thought Sondra couldn't swim. 

But poetic justice dictates that he be caught, because Sondra was faking it . She was actually captain of her swim team hahahahaha!

Watch an interview with the Scoop cast!

All in all, it was pretty exciting and definitely a good movie! 
Lots of humour, the punchlines were excellent, cracked me up a dozen times. 
I'm loving Woody Allen's films! :))

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