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Captain America!
Captain America is THE hero man!!

The best part? 

IT'S CHRIS EVANS PLAYING CAPTAIN AMERICA! I know what your thinking, major drools right! hahahah! He was super hot in Fantastic Four as well, but I like him with more hair! He has this almost no hair spiky do in Fantastic Four. Seems like he buffed up for his Captain role as well. *thumbs up*

The villian. 
Every hero movie needs a villian! Red skull is quite disgusting. I think the trend for villians nowadays is to be hairless and nose-less LOL. Look at Voldemort!!! He's also bald and he has no nose! 

The hot babe. 
Likewise, every hero movie needs a hot babe! Hehh this one is really not bad, bonus points to her because she can actually act! Unlike a certain model they engaged for a blockbuster movie, she can't act for nuts. 

This is too damn hilarious HAHA! I wonder how they made him so scrawny?!

Captain America is endearing in a cute way. Short, thin and scrawny, he has big aspirations of joining the army to defeat the Nazis. He's not afraid of hard work and he has a heart of gold. He has compassion. The will to protect. Not every soldier has that quality. 

It's because of his compassion that makes him a perfect candidate for a steroid boost to become the superhero everyone needs to wipe out the villians. HAHAHA! 
I call it a steroid boost because he became super hot, super buff and super tall after that. 

HAHA yes I expect it is tempting to touch so as to ascertain it's all real. LOL.

The army made him a poster boy. A complete waste of talent! But you gotta admit his awesome physique made up for that clown of a costume. 

He decided he's had enough and took off by himself to put a stop to war. 

The first time, they thought he died behind enemy lines, but he survived! 

New uniform!! More distinguished than the clown of a poster. 

The villians remind me of Darth Vader with their black ski masks. 

Captain America disappeared when he was protecting the world from a deadly plane crash after Red Skull died. So sad. :(
He had a date with the hot babe. When he finally awoke, it's 70 years later!!!! Being a superhero does have it's drawbacks afterall.. 

Which brings us to the new movie set to be released next year, The Avengers! 
You know what it means?! 
All the super buff and super hot superheros are gonna be together in one movie! I think you can nose bleed until the show ends mannnn.. =p

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