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SUNPLAY Super Block

Do you LOVE the sun??

Before you go frolicking in the sun, there are some basics about sunlight and protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays!

SPF Rating:

According the the Straits Times Urban article, there are 2 kinds of ultra-violet rays (UV rays), UVA and UVB rays, both of which can cause skin cancer.

UVA - Causes wrinkles
UVB - Causes skin burning

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures the length of time the product will protect your skin against UVB rays, as compared to how long your skin will burn without protection.

As a general guideline:

Fair-skinned people:  Can stay in the sun for about 10 minutes without any sunscreen
Dark-skinned people: Can stay in the sun for about 30 minutes without any sunscreen

So if a fair-skinned person apply a SPF 15 sunscreen, they can stay in the sun for 150 minutes without getting burnt. It's a simple calculation of the SPF number multiplying the length of time you can stay in the sun without getting burnt.

However, it is highly recommended that you apply a minimum SPF 30 no matter your skin tone because most people tend to under-apply their sunscreen, thus a higher SPF number is necessary for adequate protection.

The standard sufficient amount of sunscreen is actually 2 teaspoons! Of course you're not gonna pour your sunscreen on a teaspoon to measure it, it's a rough gauge, everyone knows how big a teaspoon is right! hahaha!

I redeemed my FREE sample!

I like how bright the whole packaging is, especially that small cat at the bottom. So cute!
This sunscreen is a whopping SPF 130!!! Definitely can use it for your day out at the beach, you can lounge around and frolick the whole day away in the sun without having to worry about getting burnt!

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