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Soba and Pan-fried Gyoza
Lunch: Soba and Pan-fried Gyoza

Haven't had such a leisurely and supremely lazy Saturday afternoon for awhile..

Sleeping like a pig til the sun is shining on your butt, slowly waking up, taking your own sweet time munching on breakfast, settling on the sofa for an hour or so of reading, watching dramas, playing mundane games, blogging, checking email...

The list is endless...

So on this particular leisurely Saturday afternoon, I've decided to cook some lunch for myself!

Soba with Perilla dressing and a dash of Tempura sauce plus some pan-fried gyozas! Top it off with some wasabi furikake! Yum yum!

The Perilla dressing is a little tangy, so to balance it out for a more savoury taste, I added a dash of the Tempura sauce. The pan-fried gyozas were easy enough, and the wasabi furikake is a MUST! Love the spicy smell and taste of the wasabi powder and toasted sesame seeds!

It was so easy, and it felt so great so be cooking for myself. I can add whatever I want, cook and eat whenever I'm hungry, and the best thing is I don't have to pander to others' taste buds. I can add whatever I want the way I like it! :)

Have you had your lunch today? :))


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