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The Body Shop: Scratch and Win

How to Play:
Click on a square with The Body Shop icon to scratch it. Scratch 3 squares.
FREE The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil + Skin Clearing Facial Wash samples when you see these three icons appear!
Win our Tea Tree Skin Care Hamper worth $278 when you see 3 Tea Tree Oil icons appear!

  • You are allowed three tries a day.
  • For every successful friend invited, you will be eligible for another chance.
  • There will be one weekly winner announced on the following days:
    • 21/07/11, Thursday
    • 28/07/11, Thursday
    • 04/08/11, Thursday

On my 3rd try, I actually got 3 in a row of the I love Bodyshop icons! So lucky! Maybe my luck is changing for the better hahaha! So I printed out my voucher and yepps, I can redeem it at any Bodyshop outlet! So fun! :)

I just read the fine print on the voucher, it says 1 cleanser and 1 tea tree oil per redemption. This lady gave me 2, LOL. It must be my lucky day!

Been trying everyday and I even won the samples twice yesterday! But I think you can't redeem it at the same outlet every time, must change a different outlet. I'm gonna persevere and try again everyday until I win the hamper!

The tea tree oil is only 1 pathetic ml. Bodyshop needs to be more generous seriously. Not to mention their products always so expensive! But okay better than nothing right, it claims to banish your blemishes!!! Sounds like the miracle pill I've been searching for, let's hope this 1ml can last me at least 1 week to monitor the results.

Play NOW

Visit The Body Shop Facebook page to play and win!

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