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Bio-essence Inch Loss Cream

Complete the game to redeem the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice Trial Kit for FREE!

The Game is from 20 June - 03 August 2011.

The game is seriously cute. Basically it's one of those how-fast-you-can-click in a stipulated time frame games. Except they designed it such that there's this girl with flabby tummy, arms and legs in the picture. And everything you click the mouse, you're actually helping to rub the InchLoss Cream onto her body. It's split into 3 stages - mainly arms, tummy, thighs. How fast you can go on to the next stage depends on how fast you can make the girl slim down. HAHAHA.

I attempted a dozen times, and even with 2 referrals I'm still unable to complete it.
Until I psycho-ed my brother to help me with it. On his second try, WE ACTUALLY MANAGED TO COMPLETE IT!

How exciting hahaha! 

So this is my prize! 

The trial kit consists of 2 bottles of samples. 

The PINK one is the shower cream, which you apply onto your unsatisfactory areas, and then you rub in a circular motion. Incidentally, the shower cream itself is an extremely sweet looking pinkish-red colour! It also smells very flowery-fruity. 

The RED one is the body lotion, which you apply onto the affected areas after your shower. In case you're wondering, nopes the lotion is not red colour haha! It's white!

So I was supposed to feel this heating effect when I use it and.. strangely.. I only felt the heating effect AFTER I have used both the shower cream and body lotion. Maybe I just have a higher threshold for heat lol. Even then the heat wasn't unbearable or anything. It felt very comfortable, like you have a hot water bottle resting on your tummy, all warm and cuddly hahaha. 

As for the inches shaved off, I couldn't be sure. After all, I have only tried it once and I doubt the effects will take place after only one use. I should do it for 7 days lol, since that's what the box advertised. Lose the inch in 7 days! 

So what are you waiting for? 

To redeem your trial kit, please log on now to:


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