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Acnes Medicated Skincare
(If you replied "YES!" then you must be mad >.>)

Acnes Medicated Skincare is the Number 1 acne skincare brand in Japan!

We all know Japan is awesome at making all these skincare products, so if you do have an unfortunate case of acne, you now know who to turn to for help!

Acnes Sealing Jell
  • Kills acne bacteria from deep inside of pores
  • Concentrated point care of acne 
  • Contains Vitamin E and B6 to prevent dry and rough skin
  • Contains Triclosan to prevent acne formation, regulates and controls excess oil secretion, unblock pores and promotes healing.

This Sealing Jell is a godsend. It' a pale yellow colour, the texture is a little sticky. Hence the name jell. 
It doesn't smell as nice as my current pimple cream BUT it works better!! Look at all the good stuff they put inside the product, no wonder my pimple disappeared within a day. Well, the small ones within a day, the gigantic ones at most 3 days. 

Apply a small amount to the affected area, and voila, the next day your pimple will immediately dry up and disappear once you wash your face. Definitely changing to this Sealing Jell after I finish my pimple cream!

Acnes Creamy Wash
  • Remove excess oil, dirt and impurities
  • Prevents pimples effectively
  • Keeps skin soft & moist
  • Mild & non-irritating wash
I remember having this Acnes Creamy Wash sample pack from..somewhere..sometime back. I didn't really try it out because I don't have acnes problem, just the occasional outbreak from all the monthly hormonal fluctuations. If you do not have a serious acnes problem,  I would advise against using this wash daily because it's really efficient at cleansing away all the dirt and oil, thus leaving your skin a little too dry. Using a moisturizer would be able to rectify that problem though, if you really really like this wash. Though I think if you reallly have a bad case of acnes, this wash will no doubt solve all your problems. 

To redeem your free sample:

 Click here now! For more information, visit their Facebook page.


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