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What's a picnic without some good old fashioned junk food!

Had an awesome date by the trees at Botanic Gardens last week, and yes you guessed it, with my favourite nemesis: POTATO CHIPS! ^^

It was one of those scorching hot humid days but that did not dampen my mood one bit!

It's SEAWEED flavour!

I love Oregon Fresh, the chips are always crispy and not super thick, flavourful without being dead salty, and I specially like their WASABI flavour chips!

But a certain timid someone is afraid of wasabi and adamantly refused to try that..hrumpfff.. It's alright, the seaweed tastes marvellous too! ;)

Lookie here! It's our favourite kiddy sweets - Yupi Gummies! Nomnomnom..

I was nice and decided to make some special Superman Vouchers for my superman, heehee :)

I must say, am pretty proud of myself for completing this. Haven't been doing art and craft for some time..

Go Botanic Gardens must take pictures of flowers, it's one of those "Since you are there you must take a picture to show for it" kinda thing haha..

All in all, an awesome date!
But on hindsight, ALL dates are awesome dates, hee ;)


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