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Tanjong Pagar Railway
Take a trip back into time and down the memory lane..

If you've been to Tanjong Pagar Railway as a child, then it's time to take a trip back into memory and revisit the place..

If you haven't been there before, well.. it's time to get your lazy ass off the couch and head down there now, before the place closes down at the end of this month.

I haven't been there before, but I'm glad I managed to make a trip down before I missed the chance forever.

It was really crowded and being a highly stubborn idiot who refuses to leave the place without some decent shots, I..erms.. jumped down the platform on to the track to shoot.

Apparently we weren't allowed to do that, but I'm merely behaving on herd instinct hahaha. I WANTED to go down the tracks and I SAW people actually DOING that. So I copied cat and followed suit. The grumpy and grouchy guard came by a while later to shoo us off the track but I've already gotten the shots I wanted! HAHA!

I like the KTM. Used to take the KTM down to KL as a child, 6 hours of journey equates to 6 luxurious hours of curling up on the chair and gazing outside the windows and watch the world speed by me... That was my biggest enjoyment as a kid haha..

Go down now okay!! It was a miracle I didn't get lost because I was just blindly following Mao. An even greater miracle that HE didn't get lost hahaha because he "didn't have fantastic topography skills". =p


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