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Darcis Macarons
Julie got me this lovely dessert as a birthday gift. They look so pretty!!

I have always always wanted to try macarons, but they're always always always soooooo expensive!!

This is actually reputed as the best macarons in Singapore, made by world renowned Belgian chocolatier. In fact, they're supposed to be even better than Canelé, and Canelé is famous for their macarons. I wouldn't know, since I haven't tried Canelé's. But plenty of food bloggers rate Canelé's macarons among the best in Singapore.

Well...I guess that crown is about to be contested, because reviews are now exclaiming the goodness and exquisite-ness of Darcis's macarons.

They look simply delectable. Have you had the experience of biting into a food and actually opened your eyes wide in delight and suddenly all you can say is OOOHHHHHH!!! and jumps up and down happily trying to tell everyone just how good it is??

I just cannot get over how wonderful these macarons tasted.

5 flavours: Clockwise - Almond Milk, Raspberry, Praline/Caramel?, Blackcurrent Violet, Chocolate.

I am not really sure about the flavours because they don't come packaged with little labels of the flavours. The more distinctive ones can be identified easily from the website, but the praline, coffee, gingerbread and toffee looks pretty much similar. But I thought I tasted caramel.. hope I'm correct. :)

The outer layer is like egg shell crisp, once you bite into it, it cracks like a brownie. Then you taste a very thick but velvety soft layer that tastes a bit like a brownie cake, but more towards the sugary sweet side. It felt like you can feel the little granules of sugar and cake crumbles melting in your mouth. The ganache is silky on your tongue, cooling like ice cream.

The overall sweetness of the macarons is just enough to give me a sugar high the likes of a kid in the Wonka factory, that I absolutely refuse to come back down to boring old Earth. I am positive that I am in macarons heaven. They are sooooooo wonderfully exquisite, amazingly small but elegant and they definitely pack a whole lot of punch in that little confection.

I am officially hooked.

One day, I will have enough money to fly to Paris and I most definitely WILL visit Ladurée AND Pierre Hermé for their macarons. Authentic Parisan macarons.


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